whatIsThisExactly = new Mongo.Collection


Hey All!

Anyone having used collections has written code similar to this:

Stuff = new Mongo.Collection('stuff');

But I have never seen someone trying to explain what this object (Stuff) really is. The docs states that creating this object is analogous to declaring a model in a traditional ORM (Object-Relation Mapper) and that leads me to think that this might be a OOM (Object-Object Mapper). I’d be very much obliged if someone with deep Meteor knowledge would care to have a stab at explaining this in detail.

Pretty much everything else I’ve come across in Meteor thus far have at least somewhat meaningful names describing what it is and I think this one deserves a name!

I also find that the common naming convention of this “thing” with an initial capital is a major source of confusion to beginners and bugs caused by typos so I’d really like to find out what it is so I can name it properly.