What're the benefits of meteor integrate with apollo stack?


what’re the benefits of meteor integrate with apollo stack ?


Without apollo, you are limited only to MongoDB database. With Appollo - you can use any SQL and Any NoSQL database. You can even use REST API for getting the data. One more interesting fact is - you can combine these different databases in your Meteor App.


thank a lot. i just visited apollostack site, i can use apollo without meteor, so what meteor will do in future ?


Apollo is only for providing the data (from different databases). To create the business logic and the view layer - you’ll need something. Meteor is one of these things that can be used with Apollo.

You can use Apollo independently, but you can’t create web or mobile app using only Apollo.


Apollo is intended to be a library to be used independent of Meteor. That means, it can be used with other projects also. Please keep that in mind.

If you use it with meteor, it frees you in the sense that you can use other databases. Also, in future versions of Meteor will come with better support for Apollo, you can turn of DDP for data-transport for example.


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