What's Coming in Meteor 1.2 and Beyond


This is really interesting (especially the “beyond 1.2” bits): http://info.meteor.com/blog/whats-coming-in-meteor-12-and-beyond


will meteor 1.2 support android development for windows?


Probably not @ounknowno. Cordova in general on Windows is a mess to set up.

Check this link and click “Windows note”: http://ionicframework.com/docs/guide/installation.html

While on Mac it’s just sudo npm install -g cordova


Wow, all of these are great news. It seems MDG has really listened for the community (contrary to what i was feeling the last months).

I would like personnaly for Typescript to become a first class citizen, and i guess with ES6 modules, improved build process (and Angular2 support ?) that it could be possible in the future.


Quick note: Yes. No question mark necessary there. Uri, who recently joined MDG, is working on both of these integrations, afaik. The angular-meteor site shows the current status for both of these versions. v2 should definitely be the recommended way once it’s released and matured a bit, but with v1 still being very popular and widely used that version should also be supported for a long time to come.


I know, but my question mark was refering specifically to the way this integration could help Typescript integration in Meteor.


Uri has joined MDG? Woho!


Can anyone point me in the right direction to more info on using ES6 with Meteor?


Use Babel: http://babeljs.io/docs/setup/#meteor
ES6 feature reference:
and here: http://babeljs.io/docs/learn-es2015/

Use .es6.js, .es6, .es or .jsx file extensions and Babel will transpile your shiny ES6/ES2015 code to something every browser (and the nodejs runtime) can understand!

(Edit: And fwiw – I’ve been using ES6 exclusively for the last few projects and it’s been excellent. Lots of small improvements in the language that overall add up to “having lots more fun coding”! And no issues or workarounds whatsoever required, so this is quite stable and highly usable, and also quite understandable that the MDG folks choose to integrate ES6 officially at this point!)


Looking forward to ES6 modules support, testing improvements (where I will defenitely help ;-)), build pipeline hooks and more guidance for larger apps.

Big thanks to Ben for the ES6 work.


I love how MDG are now listening to the community, asking for feedback on ideas and releasing stuff and plans early to adjust it to the users’ needs since the last month or so :smiley: Really great stuff on the roadmap!


Well, all new is so great, specially in UI/UX side. One feature that Meteor need is be compatible with Node 0.12, I know the problem is because of “fibers”. Make meteor bundle easy and faster to run with Docker, compatible with Alpine Linux, Buildroot or [Dockerize][1]. [1]: https://github.com/larsks/dockerize
I hope this well too. Thanks for all Meteor team and community.


What’s wrong with Meter fibers and Node .12?


@aadams “node-fibers” not compile correctly with Node 0.12, because of that we can’t run Meteor bundle version with Node 0.12, yet! Look: Meteor + NodeJS 0.12 and https://github.com/meteor/meteor/issues/3666.

But what’s wrong with that? Depends of point of view, since Node 0.12 is the default version, and has advantages, so I like to keep updated. “Node-fibers” is great, but does not work on any Linux OS as Alpine Linux (because it needs other dependencies) and Node 0.12, yet.
So in my opinion what is wrong: is the concept that most devs have of Docker, I want to run a “container” with my application (and its dependencies), not a “disposable virtual machine” as it is now, so in real case instead “pull” an Image with 200mb (Ubuntu) is just the size of my application + 7mb of Image (Alpine Linux with NodeJS). But the limitation for do that with Meteor is because node-fibers. I hope you understand.


I definetly agree. Typescript would be such an awesome addition for serious, big projects!
ES6 Support is/should be carving the way for that. Please embrace this awesome technology : )


As seen in the current 1.2 rc-4 release, meteor will be use node v0.10.40+.

Is it correct, that definitly node v0.12.x will not be used in the next couple of months?

I am asking because I am preparing our Meteor Universal Fork for ARM devices to have that also meteor v1.2 ready when it is available.

Thanks for some feedback.


I don’t have any inside info from MDG / Meteor core development, I only know what’s happening in node development. From that I would assume that the move to a newer node version is going to happen for node 5.0, which will likely be released within the next 2 or so months, and will take, I assume, another month or so to make its ripples through the ecosystem and until all packages Meteor depends on are properly updated to work with that version. Then add another month or two for a MDG/Meteor core release cycle and we might end up with Meteor on node 5.0 (or 6.0 by then) in Q1 2016.

It simply does not make much sense to move to node 0.12.x when the much more interesting new releases of node are just around the corner, so this would be my “common sense” prediction – Meteor on Node 6.0 (using v8 engine 4.6 or 4.7) in Q1 2016 :smile:


Thanks @seeekr - I will follow up with node v0.10.40+ and have a look whats coming up …

By now - v1.2 rc.4 works already flawlessly on my UDOO ARM board. I do not have a real benchmark yet but feels like all parts are running faster like starting, building, connecting …