What's folks latest take on Mantra approach: isomorphic modules & native apps?


Hi I noticed a few threads that have not been updated for several months


Any thoughts/recommendations on a good architecture, pls?

background: We have been building an isomorphic app for some time now, and looking to improve the user experience by caching/making things more “native-like” than a Cordova app.


This is overview of Mantra:

Mantra is an application architecture for Meteor. With Mantra, we try to achieve two main goals.

High Maintainability

Maintainability is a key factor for success when working with a large team. We achieve this by unit testing every part of our app, while following standards for everything. Then it’s easy to on-board new users and work with teams.

Future Proof

JavaScript is a land of choices. We have more than one best thing for each problem. It can be hard to tell what’s the best solution now and what will change in the future.

Mantra relies on a set of core principles that will last for a long time. Then, we let others change as needed.

Looks promising!


Thanks. yep, saw that… .just thought I’d check if there was current momentum around this approach or some other approach/architecture that was more current/has more momentum?