What's going on with Meteor?

I’m working with meteor for more than a year now and yet this is my first forum post. I understood that project is still evolving and had big hopes in meteor future…but not anymore.

I really have to ask, what’s going on with meteor?

Last straw was this thing with project build. I really can’t work that way anymore and I’ve heard many people complaining over build taking too long. I tought it had something to do with flow-router-ssr, but even with just 3-4 client side modules, project build just takes too much time.

What’s going on with Atmosphere website? There is some strange thing going on with scrollbar (on MacOS - Chrome & FF)… When I scroll down it takes me back and is really anoying. I have even used to it by now, but… is someone going to fix that? It looks really unprofessional and looks like no one cares.

After all this time I’ve became somehow depandant on Meteor, coz of few important projects I’m working on, but reading this forum does not giving me confidence in Meteor anymore as it’s future does not look that bright.
I see people arguing badly with some wierd sexist stuff…core team don’t know which way to go…“react way” or “anyway”…looks like you’re waiting to see what’s future bringing when you should be the one to decide what the future is.

There were couple more things I wanted to ask, but I guess I’ve lost it. I’m REALLY SORRY if I’m missing something and if I’m wrong and if everything is already explained somewhere.

Please read this first: "Is Meteor" / "Are the MDG" <insert negative connotation here>

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