What's left until an official Meteor 3.0?

Can someone help me on this one, I’m trying to update from meteor 2.10.0 to 3.0-rc.4

Hi Cloudiy,

The error message you shared shows you that simple:rest 1.2.1 requires accounts-base-2.1.0, which is a version that is not compatible with meteor 3.0.

In order to fix this issue, you either need to update the package manually yourself, request an update to the package on github, but as you can see the development of this package has stopped, so alternatively I would recommend looking for an alternative or determining if you really need this package in your project and remove it.

Let me know if this helps and if you are able to upgrade!

also note, that simple:rest might not be required anymore since 3.0 uses express which basically provides all the functionality natively unless I missed a detail here.


simple:rest package automatically exposes your methods, publications and collections as rest endpoints. That’s not available as of now with the move to express.

You might be talking about a different package

Thanks @rjdavid yes I think this was restivus :thinking:

Yes, we have projects running in production with Meteor 3 and Langchain :wink:

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Since 3.0.1 was the public release, I’m wondering if the schedule for 3.0.2 has moved forward at all? We’re eagerly awaiting 3.0.2 as I think this issue is a blocker for us to roll out Meteor 3 in production (it is I think what is underlying some weird behavior that is causing UX issues in our app).

The issue mentioned is already fixed in our release branch, we are planning to release 3.0.2 as soon as we can, waiting on other fixes to include in it. I would say Thursday/Friday.


Will the RELEASE=“2.16” be updated to 3.0.1 now that it’s available?


Yes, probably after the next one or two patches