What's the best and most hassle-free way to implement login/signup?


I’ve tried a number of packages for accounts, and while they provide quick convenience, they all seemed incomplete to me in one way or another. (My apologies, coming back after a break and can’t recall which packages I tried; the first 3 top ones on Atmospheric or so)

  • I think it’s standard practice to only sign up a new user after verifying their email, yet it was not an out of the box option where I checked. Maybe it’s configurable, but why not make it the default?

  • I would prefer a {{> logIn}} and {{> signUp}} templates, so that I can put them whenever I want on a page: one after another, or manually linked to two buttons. I think I can do without {{> loginButtons}}., or at the very list I would like a {{> signupButton}} as well.

    • The current login template that also has a sign up button does not work for me, because it turns out novice users have a hard time finding it. I would like my sign up button prominent, right next to log in button.

So I am wondering… has anyone made a package or a skeleton application with turnkey production-ready accounts?