What's the best practice/solution to build multi-clients meteor app?

For example, I want to build a meteor app with 2 clients: for pc and for mobile. Both of them are web clients.
The main goals are:

  1. share code: common code and server code: constants, methods, publications …
  2. styles are not mixed: so we can use one for pc and another for mobile …


You could try Ionic 2 for your mobile environment. Do custom or some template based for Desktop. Yes, it can tell when it is desktop or mobile. You could even make it a real app on your phone, if that is your thing. Look into Cordova:

command is something like
meteor run android
meteor run ios
This will build an app for phone. If you are going to do IOS, then you will need a Mac.

Hi, I’ve done something like this with micro-services.

2 meteor projects. Same database. In the same git repo. With symlinks to link in the shared code.

If both servers are watching the OPLOG, changes come around relatively quickly.

Other strategies would be to package the shared code as a package, but that was more packaging that I wanted.