What's the best way to remove blaze, templates, ect? (core)


I don’t want to remove ALL the packages listed here:

I just want to remove things like blaze and spacebars.
What’s the best way to remove core packages?

I want to be able to update my app ect and stay up to date… I just don’t want blaze :stuck_out_tongue:


Just copy all the package names that you want into the .meteor/packages file. The version of these packages that is used is determined by the Meteor release that you use (.meteor/release).


okay but what do I do about this:

// These are useful too!  But you don't have to see their exports
  // unless you want to.
    // We can reload the client without messing up methods in flight.
    // And update automatically when new client code is available!
  ], ['client', 'server']);

  // More mobile specific implies
    // Remove the 300ms click delay on mobile
    // Good defaults for the mobile status bar
  ], 'web.cordova');

    // Launch screen configuration. Currently only on mobile but we include the
    // no-op browser version anyway.
  ], 'web');

do I just add those too or…


Yes you just add those too. If you also want a Cordova app, you can just copy the source code of the meteor-platform package into you /packages folder and modify it there. The .meteor/packages file would then just have your custom meteor-platform package as dependency (just give it another name).


Okay thanks a bunch!


I’ve tried to do that, but when I add webapp package it adds Blaze as a dependency. And if do not add it, it has no main.
Has anyone already dig into it?


Yes. You can create your own modified version of webapp and add it as local package. This will overwrite the original one. The package version must match with the original one.


Cool. That’s really useful.

Thank you Sanjo.