What's the latest and greatest for UI testing?

Anything better than selium for testing out a graphql/python/apollo/react app?

Both Testcafe and Cypress are good substitutes to Selenium. There’s Puppeteer as well, but it’s bound to Chrome/Chromium browser.


We use Cypress and really enjoy it.


webdriver.io and nightwatchjs.org can both now run without Selenium, using just Chromedriver.

jestjs.io is more like Mocha, and is suppose to have particularly good React testing.

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anyone know of a good tutorial on cypress (beyond their docs)?

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When you create a profile and start integrating with a project, you get a step by step tutorial as part of the integration. Also you get a folder with sample test code for a lot of things.

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I’m all in for this. Of course, aimed particularly to Meteor. Particular questions that raised in the first days of getting cypress into a Meteor project are:

  1. How to programmatically login (or skip login for what it matters)
  2. How to stub subscriptions and feed to collections

And about 1235123 others. But with these two I’d be really happy :smiley:

Some answers to my first question have been placed here:

and here: