What's the latest on client-side routing in Meteor?


I recall FlowRouter being the most touted one. Is it still the best one? Some old Kadira website resources are no longer accessible.

Anything newer?


FlowRouter still works. There’s an active fork at ostrio:flow-router-extra: https://github.com/VeliovGroup/flow-router

Otherwise, I also believe many people use ReactRouter and others based on what suits their front end framework


For Vue.js, VueRouter.


React with React Router.

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What about Reach Router? It seems very intuitive.


If you’re looking for a React router that lets you declare the routes the same way you do in FlowRouter, check out Curi JS, it’s awesome.


You can check out Navi, a declarative, asynchronous routing for React.


What front-end framework are you using? Vue, React, Blaze, Angular? That will give you a more specific answer.

If you’re looking for Blaze, then every flavour of React routers isn’t really useful in this thread :wink:


I’d like a router that isn’t coupled to a view layer. Maybe I just need even a simple, even non-meteor one, and in the handlers I can set a variable to specify component to render, or do whatever else I want. Looks like FlowRouter is the option right now with built-in reactivity (though not sure I even need Tracker reactivity in a router, as I can simply set a reactive var myself).


Yes, much like yourself I wanted my routes to be separate from the view layer so I’ve stuck with flowrouter - hasn’t let me down yet (4 years strong)