What's The Question?! Needs You

Hi all,

I’m an amateur developer who’s been using meteor for over the last two years to build an app called What’s The Question?!, which is a local multiplayer user-generated content trivia game. At this point, while there is still plenty more work to do with my admittedly limited skill set and at my glacial pace (I have very limited free time, unfortunately), I believe the project would benefit tremendously from one or more additional developers working to finish out the first complete feature set, put some polish on it, and get it fully launched. I’m really looking for somebody who is excited by this project and can share my vision of it. Where my abilities are particularly stretched thin is with designing the frontend, especially because I’m aiming with one codebase to support pretty much any device with a screen.

For anyone interested in trying out the app in its current state, the best experience with the features already implemented is to start a game on a device using google’s chrome browser (has speech recognition support) and then use one or more other devices (smartphone, tablet, etc) to play. The latest version of the app is public at wtq.io and there should be one game in there ready to play that I created recently. You can use tester / tester to log in.

Please get a hold of me if you are interested and we can discuss from there. Thanks for your time.


Cool sounds! Really enjoyable to see. Unfortunately did not find other players so really testing is a bit hard.

What exactly are you looking for? Is this intended to be some open source project or is the idea to build a business around it?

Hey Luc,

Thanks for checking it out! My ultimate aim is for the app to recreate an authentic trivia game show experience in the living room. Users start a game on their television (through versions of the app published to smart tv and tv-box app stores), or on a computer, and they can then connect to and play the game using smartphones/tablets/whatever other devices they have. So although it is multiplayer, it’s designed to be only local (at least for now). I am also working on a ‘solo’ or singleplayer mode for only one screen. Sorry about the confusion with testing! Try it again by starting a game with the tester / tester account on a chrome browser on one device, and then go to ‘wtq.io/game code’ on another (you can use the same account to host and play).

The idea is to build a business around it. I believe the value will be mostly in the user generated trivia, and I already have fairly mature auto-moderating and big-data style metadata creation in place (concept and entity extraction, relationship metrics, etc.), which will enable all kinds of cool features once there are active users generating trivia. The app will bring in money mostly through targeted in-game advertisements (think actual trivia adverts) but also with paid user-level upgrades.

I’m in the final stages of bringing this to market with the initial feature set, and what is needed most right now is some front-end love, cordova work to finish the iOS and Android apps, and just overall testing and bug squashing.

For anyone interested, WTQ has been released into a public beta. With iOS 11 finally supporting getUserMedia, I no longer even have to bother with trying to make native apps, which is awesome.

If you want to try the ideal WTQ trivia game show experience and have Amazon Fire TV, you can find What’s The Question?! in the app store with which you can host a game on your TV and connect to with any other device (but preferably an iPhone running iOS 11 or pretty much any Android device with Chrome and a mic, otherwise you’ll miss out on the voice recognition). It’s multiplayer, too, so get some friends to join in!

If you don’t have a Fire TV, you can also host a game from pretty much any device with a web browser and screen by going to wtq.io

Any feedback is much appreciated! Thanks for your support these past few years, Meteor community.

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Hey @rtcarroll07 I’ve tried loging in with facebook but and didn’t work :frowning:

When redirected to facebook, it says ‘the application is not configured’

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@orcprogramming wow thanks a lot for the tip - had forgotten to take the fbook app out of development mode!