What's your preferred development tool stack?

The JS community uses a ton of various tools, platforms, cloud services etc for planning, coding, tracking, testing, deployment, CRM. The list goes on.
I’m pondering about a few tools but I always like to act on as complete information as possible. There are more than likely brilliant tools for various tasks few of us have heard of. I’d like to learn from your stacks! Regardless of if you’re a single dev, small or big team(however, please include this info!)

I’ll start off with my stack:
I’m a solo developer at the moment, likely looking to hire a small team in the relative near future.

  • Planning: Notepad/Whiteboard - Nothing beats the classics for a solo dev
  • Coding: Intellij IDEA - I used to do some Java as well, and fell in love with this. Also has better service integration than webstorm IMHO. Easy enough to work with, but the shortcut powers of Sublime and Emacs.
  • Bug tracking: GitLab - Simple tracker/source manager for small projects. Would not recommend for larger things.
    I have previously used YouTrack by Jetbrains. Pretty good too but lacked internal Git-hosting/project-management. Considering Jira by Atlassian.
  • Time tracking: Hamster time tracker for Linux. - Very simple. Too simple for anything but smaller projects where issue-time does not need to be tracked.
  • Testing: Currently not using any services for this. Run velocity on occasion
  • Deployment: Meteor Up seems to do the job just fine. Never had much of an issue with this. Would like to look into a CI solution though!
  • CRM: Most of my clients prefer either the phone or e-mail, but I have gotten clients to use GitLab and Youtrack on occasion.
    Other tools:
    Meteor toys - This tool has saved me hours and hours of debugging! Worth every penny and then some!
    Robomongo - Useful when doing work in a production database. However I have noted a disturbing bug with Unix timestamps here. Documents with timestamps use scientific notation with far too little precision when displaying the number. Saving the document may(untested) save a wrong timestamp.

So what tools do you use on a fairly daily basis? Experiences? Pros/Cons?