Whatsapp clone tutorial - Step 1.14 - Can't see profiles

Hello everybody,

I am from Germany: So sorry in advance for my bad English.

I am currently trying to implement a whatsapp clone. I followed the “Build a WhatsApp clone with Meteor and Ionic” and chose “Get started with Meteor CLI” (see link below).
Currently I reached Step 1.14 on page “Step 1 - Layout, coding style & structure” (http://www.angular-meteor.com/tutorials/whatsapp/meteor/layout).
So my last step was to add the ion-list in the chats.html file in the templates-folder.
After that I am told that it “…looks like:” you see the profiles.
My problem is that I can’t see the profiles.

Has anybody an idea what could be the problem?
Thank you very much in advance!

Additional information:
-I would have uploaded my project folder as “.rar” file, but it seems that I only can upload pictures.
-My system is Windows 10.

With kind regards