When can I use Meteor.js? When you recommend use it?

Hi everyone! I’m new in meteor.js and i want to know more about it. My question (When can I use Meteor.js) is beacause I read that some people advised use it when you want to make a real time proyect, like places where you need real time answers (like messenger) or bmp proyects (I don’t know even what is that).
If I tell you that I want to make a proyect that have too many images, videos and information, but all is static ( in the sense that the proyect don’t need real time)
like this one: http://www.universia.cl/estudiar-extranjero
and this one: https://www.udemy.com/

I want to do a combination of both (it’s similar too my proyect). You think that meteor.js is a good option in this case?

The proyect (like udemy) consists in make too much videos, images and information, some are free and some are locked, it’s depends on whether the user pays or not. Meteor.js it’s a good tool to do this? or you recommend use another tool because meteor it’s not for this? can you give me your advice please?

Another question, can i use Mysql and meteor.js with no problem today? or it’s not recommended yet?

Sorry for my bad english and thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

It sounds like you area still in the phase of deciding what your architecture will need to be for your application. Meteor may be PART of the solution but if you have a lot of video and such then you are likely to need some type of video streaming service as part of the solution. However, the DB and FrontEnd could still be in Meteor.

Personally, I have found that there can always be a use for “real time” (at least in the way Meteor provides it) if you have an interactive site. But, you don’t need to base your decision solely on the nature of how the publications/subscription work.

There is no reason why you can’t add in an npm library to talk to mysql but you’d also need to decide what you would use mongodb (on the server) and minimongo (on the client) for. Maybe you don’t need those and would be better off using Redis + Redux.

As I said initially, it sounds as though you could benefit from some more planning around how you will manage the streaming side before deciding how to interface to it.

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Google for this tech stack : Meteorjs + GraphQL

With graphQL you could use any database.
So it could fit to your needs.

If I were you, I’d stick to Wordpress + Membership. Lots of 1 click stuff out there to make it happen.

Meteor is overkill for you.