When creating packages, is it better to add the minified version?

I am doing a bit of reorganization for my angular-bootstrap-validator project so that on npm and bower they will get the transpiled to ES5 and minified version of the code and allow me to use ES6 or whatever language I prefer as the source.

For Meteor packages, is it recommended we use the minified versions or should we put in the original ES6 sources with the expectation that it will be transpiled and minified by meteor automatically anyway?

Yeah I think there is no reason to use the minified version!

Thanks for the confirmation. Quick question, still looking for the information on this one…
Can I do

api.addFiles(['src/*.js', 'src/**/*.js'], ['client'])

Just checked no luck…

While building package trajano:angular-bootstrap-validator:
error: File not found: src/*.js
error: File not found: src/**/*.js