When is MDG finally updating MongoDB (now at version 3.2)? [RESOLVED]

Now that Geoff has indicated that they are switching over to more professional web developers the need for the compression algorithm that was introduced in MongoDB 3.0 is more needed than ever.

We can’t seriously spend x-times more money on our scalable solution just because MDG is trailing the latest MongoDB version by years (MongoDB version 2.6 was released in April 2014, see here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MongoDB) and our database isn’t compressed (I read examples from going down from 12GB to 2GB with MongoDB, that’s a huge amount of operating cost saved.

So now we’re having version 3.2 and all I hear from Geoff on what is coming up in the future should sound nice to the JV’s (if that plan works out and the pros can be convinced to use Meteor). But in order to achieve that the database can’t be 2 versions behind.

Would be interested to hear some official words on this from MDG.


Meteor has supported using Mongo 3.x in production since 1.1: http://info.meteor.com/blog/meteor-11-microsoft-windows-mongodb-30

The local development mode runs 2.6, but you could easily replace that by having a startup script that runs a local 3.x database and tells Meteor to connect to it via MONGO_URL.


Thanks for the quick response @sashko. Your answer still leaves two open questions:

  1. When is MDG switching also in deployment mode to Mongo 3.0 or even 3.2? I quote from the above blog article: “Meteor ships with MongoDB 2.6; we will keep a close eye on the maturation of MongoDB 3.0 and transition to it as the default MongoDB engine in a future release.”

  2. Where can I find documentation on how to install MongoDB 3.0 in deployment and also in production mode?


I assume you mean “development” mode? If so, I don’t know right now. If you’re really into using MongoDB 3.2 locally, follow the below directions:

  1. Install MongoDB 3.2: https://docs.mongodb.org/manual/installation/
  2. Launch MongoDB: https://docs.mongodb.org/manual/tutorial/install-mongodb-on-os-x/#run-mongodb
  3. Run Meteor with MONGO_URL: MONGO_URL=mongodb://localhost:27017/<your_db_name> meteor

Should just work. Note that this is exactly what you would need to do to run Mongo with a regular Node app.


Plus turning on oplog and another environmental variable to use oplog too.
If I remember correctly.


You should only really need that in production. You can read some of Arunoda’s blog posts about how to turn that stuff on; we’ll also have it in the guide.

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Ok, made the jump. Wasn’t too difficult (apart from learning about Brew
which I didn’t knew before). I didn’t know if I need SSL for my local
MongoDB so I was installing it without first.

Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction, @sashko

what about npm-mongo driver? the current 1.4.x version doesn’t seem to be compatible with MongoDB 3.2

Using mongo@1.1.0 without any problems. All works fine, it’s running faster and I’m still at 0.001 GB for the database

Resurrecting this thread like a necromancer raises the undead.

It would be great if Meteor used MongoDB 3.x in dev mode. Any particular reason it still uses 2.6.7?

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@ffxsam Meteor 1.4 uses MongoDB 3.2 (in both dev and production), the beta process should be starting early next week.


That’s great news! Thanks for the info.

I try in windows 7, but show
~MONGO_URL is don’t reconigzed~

Last necrobump, I promise, but it deserves attention from everyone who participated in any discussion around this topic. Loving MDG team, please update the default Mongo to 3.4+, which fixes the infamous data-consistency bug. This reason alone is a strong reason to update!

Oh! Apparently I need to read the blog more: the updates are coming!

Nonetheless, the hordes raised from the dead are good, so people can know what light is coming.

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Why are we still at MongoDB version 3.2.15?

I have a great need for NumberDecimal which MongoDB had released in version 3.4.

Mongo 3.4 support is coming in Meteor 1.6.1 (see https://github.com/meteor/meteor/pull/9396). The changes have already been merged, and 1.6.1 will be coming soon (we still have a few release candidate bugs to squash).


Thanks hwillson! Can you tell when you’ll support the current 3.6?

Meteor 1.6.1 is now feature locked, so after it’s released we’ll start looking at Mongo 3.6. We’ll try to get Mongo 3.6. support into 1.6.2 (excluding the use of Mongo 3.6 change streams in Meteor - that’s a bigger issue, that will definitely take more time to explore).


The short answer is 32-bit support (MongoDB 3.4 drops 32-bit support):