When is meteor upgrading node?

Meteor is pinned at Node 0.10.4
Node is currently at 5.5.0.

Are there any plans on upgrading Node? The integration with io.js made some big changes to the node base layer


From: https://github.com/meteor/meteor/issues/5809

We’re not going to upgrade to Node 4 in Meteor 1.3 – there is already a lot of valuable work in 1.3 and we should get it out soon so people can start using its new features. We should consider upgrading Node in the next release afterwards.

The main challenge to upgrading Node is supporting a new v8 embedding API, meaning that all old packages with binary dependencies would need to be re-published.

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We really need Node 4 LTS as well for Enterprise SaaS market. I really hope this will get into 1.3.1 release at a minimum as it looks like someone has done a port and resolved many of the issues. https://github.com/meteor/meteor/issues/5124#issuecomment-174162783

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This commit in release-1.3 is paving the way for faster Node updates in the future. If we can install & update all of the NPM dependencies ourselves, we’re not stuck waiting for package authors to re-publish.


I honestly think it is going to happen after Meteor 1.3 is released. Having the module system and various improvements ready will help pave the way for an easier upgrade to Node 4.2.x+

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