When is WiredTiger worth using? $133/month on Compose?

When is WiredTiger worth using? It seems like it is $133/month on Compose?

Is there anyway to turn WiredTiger off locally in 1.4 so that my local environment matches my non-WiredTiger production environment?

I’m not an expert on the inner workings of WiredTiger (WT) but from what I understand it’s advantages will only manifest at scale (so if you have a ton of data it will speed things up for you). It is fine to still use MMAPv1.

If you do want to use WT, an alternative host is MongoDB’s Atlas https://www.mongodb.com/cloud/atlas/pricing. It blows compose.io out of the water in terms of price. It starts at about $58/month but you get 2GB of RAM and 10GB of storage (this is a 3 node cluster with replica set). An equivalent plan at compose would run you hundreds of dollars a month (with WT at compose it would probably be like $400/m).

Do you have a mistake in your calculation, or do I not understand the pricing table?

As far as I understand, the cheapest plan lies around 20 usd, based on location this varies between $18 and $28.

Pricing from eu-west-1 (Dublin)

MongoDB Atlas Instance 

Name   Memory  Storage   Price
M10      2 GB    10 GB  $0.028 p/h
M20      4 GB    20 GB  $0.072 p/h
M30      8 GB    40 GB  $0.194 p/h
M40     16 GB    80 GB  $0.377 p/h
M50     32 GB   160 GB  $0.723 p/h
M60     64 GB   320 GB  $1.433 p/h
M100   160 GB  1000 GB  $3.323 p/h

You are calculating only for 1 node. If you want to compare to Compose.io you need to do a three node cluster with replica set.

If you’re concerned with pricing, check out mLab.