When to reset .meteor/local


Is it standard practice to reset .meteor/local before pushing code changes (redeploying) to a remote server?

rm -rf .meteor/local


The contents of .meteor/local should, as the name “local” implies, not have any effect whatsoever on your code and what gets deployed to any remote location.

By deleting .meter/local you would simply reset your local meteor development server’s DB and potentially other state like compilation caches (though I’m not sure about the latter, might also be located somewhere else).

Did you experience any inconsistencies or other issues in your (re-)deployment to a remote location? Or what made you think that you may need to remove .meteor/local in order to get a better result?


As @seeekr said, .meteor/local is ignored when deploying as it’s local only. However, if you’re experiencing errors during deployment (either via meteor deploy or mupx), you may have to run rm -rf ~/.meteor in the account doing the deploying. I had a recent issue where an app deployed via mupx was not deploying properly, and removing ~/.meteor on the Jenkins server fixed it.