Where all the default packages are specified?

1.3 tried to demystify Meteor magic putting everything into export declarations.

But, if we take for instance typical Node express app, it says:

var http = require('http"),
mongodb = require(“mongodb”);

At the same time, I see mongodb.js being used in the default Meteor 1.3 app but do not see it declared somewhere.

Where all the core/default packages declared?

UPD: I have finally found it looking at new example apps, so these are really no 'default magic

import { Mongo } from ‘meteor/mongo’;

export const Tasks = new Mongo.Collection(‘tasks’);

So as far as I understand that declaration goes to .meteor\packages\mongo\1.1.6\web.browser.json when building for web and parses:

“format”: “isopack-2-unibuild”,
“declaredExports”: [
“name”: “Mongo”,
“testOnly”: false
“uses”: [
“package”: “meteor”

… and further, resulting in mongodb.js and other files included?

There are “magic” imports as you would say. It gets declared in http://localhost:3000/packages/global-imports.js

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