Where are all of the docs?

Hi MDG. You should do this:

  <option>See docs for 1.3.2</option>
  <option>See docs for 1.2.2</option>
  <option>See docs for 1.2.1</option>


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Yeah, thanks, that’s definitely something we should have.

We’re actually planning to move all of the docs to the same platform as the guide, including version selectors. I don’t know how soon we can make it happen, but it’s on our roadmap.


Thanks. I posted that after a nightmare with mobile-config.js keys… realized it would have been awesome to see different docs per version. I’m looking forward to seeing them :stuck_out_tongue:

I ended up reverting back to a previous commit. Copied and pasted my mobile-config from there… but definitely not the ideal solution :confused:

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