Where are the paid packages, books, courses?

Don’t you think that a sign of a vibrant framework would be the presence of paid artifacts?

It was a case in 2014 and later. Now I cannot see any course or book later than 2018.

I also really miss the coherent structure the Meteor was at that time.

Now Meteor has a lot of flexibility, but probably that’s why it is difficult to describe it in a single course or book.

But that’s why they are now necessary more than ever )

Here’s the start of a new tutorial series which I’m enjoying so far:

There are relatively recent Meteor tutes on Udemy, some from just last year, although admittedly most of the popular ones before then.

As a newbie, the official documentation tutes for each supported UI framework I found to be really great.

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I think everyone is super busy working on their projects. I do have plans to do something along those lines, but I just don’t have the time at the moment.
But @msavin is working on a new version of his premium packages and I have started working on Stripe integration with my personal project, so hopefully soon I will be able to use that knowledge for something more.


That would be cool. I have also noticed many developers simply deleted their tutorials especially Blaze. That’s a pity.