Where do you store and how you manage critical config files for our apps

By config files I refer to:

  • Meteor settings files. i.e. if they contain secret keys, etc.
  • Deployment configs e.g. if using Meteor Up for example.
  • Others e.g. rsa keys for server access, etc.

By store and manage I refer to:

  • Do you share it between different team members?
  • How you do version control? It is not a good practice to add this critical info into the repo.
  • Do you do any kind of backup?
  • Do you use any tool?

In my case:

  • I just gitignore this type of critical info.
  • If another team member needs access I just send an encrypted text.
  • No version control.
  • I do backups manually.
  • Not using any tool.

If you could share your best practices I would be glad :slight_smile: