Where does MUPX/Meteor store the files from /public on a deployed app


I have a meteor 1.2 application deployed to Digital Ocean using Mupx. It uses FlowRouter and React.

I have a great many images files stored in /app/public/images/ on my development pc (Windows 7) and the Mupx deploy process with meteor’s build delivers them to the DO droplet perfectly

Yet I have more to enter and they come in from the client intermittently. I would like to open up an SFTP/SCP client and upload them as they arrive.

I have found the image files on the DO droplet in two places:

in my meteor app they are in app/public/images/…

  1. opt/myappname/current/bundle/programs/web.browser/app/images/…
  2. opt/myappname/last/bundle/programs/web.browser/app/images/…

I have experimented putting new images into an existing folder in both 1) and 2) but in neither case is an image displayed in the corresponding url, whereas one from the MUPX deploy process loads fine. I changed the ownership and permissions on these newly added files to match the ones there and still no luck displaying them.

Is it possible there is a third folder where the /app/public/ folder contents are maintained once deployed to production? I did a “find” for existing images and only found these two locations, which I suspect are not being used for image delivery purposes when the site is running

Any ideas where I should start to look next?