Where does npm install Meteor?

I’m using conda virtual environments where I want to use Meteor.

conda create -name vmeteor python=3.8

In a virtual environment, I install nodejs, nodejs has no trouble there. The path to both is in conda local bin directory:

conda activate vmeteor
conda install -c conda-forge nodejs

This install both npm and nodejs.


Then I use npm from that environment to install meteor

npm install -g meteor

Whch runs fine. However, when I try to use meteor it;'s not in the path. Using which meteor comes up with nothing.

npm list -g

shows that the Meteor package was installed

├── corepack@0.10.0
├── meteor@2.6.0
└── npm@8.3.1

but I can’t find the executable in:

/usr/local/bin or

Any insight?

  • for my particular use case, I cannot have a global install of node. They must be isolated to conda environments.


Hey @alimgafar, I’m not sure how it’d behave using conda, that’s a new tech for me.
But in a regular installation Meteor would be installed in your user folder: /Users/${yourUser}/.meteor for MacOS and /home/${yourUser}/.meteor for Linux.

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Thanks @fredmaiaarantes ,

On my other Mac installs, the binary is in /usr/local/bin perhaps due to installs going back to pre 1.0?

I have confirmed that the install is in $HOME/.meteor at packages/meteor-tool/2.6.0/mt-os.osx.x86_64/meteor with a symlink to $HOME/.meteor/meteor; no reference in the $PATH variable to this location.

Okay. so it’s a non-issue. Here’s why.

On a lark, I opened a new shell session and checked $PATH again. Now $PATH is prepended with /User/alimgafar/.meteor. And meteor is accessible. Duh. I should have thought about doing this before.

Long story short, the installer works fine with conda environments.

Thanks for your help.

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