Where is Accounts.config documented?

Am I crazy, or has the documentation for Accounts.config disappeared from the meteor docs? It’s still in multi-server in some form as AccountsCommon.config, but I’m not seeing the #config method definition in the docs, nor the valid settings you can configure with it.

Maybe I’m tired . . .

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UI config:

General config:

And yes it’s a bit confusing that the things under Accounts (multi-server) are almost always used in a single server situation.

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Right! There’s stuff in the docs about Accounts.ui.config, and there’s stuff about AccountsCommon.config, but there’s nothing there about Accounts.config. Was it accidentally deleted? Hard to imagine that it never existed.


AccountsCommon is the base for Accounts on both the server and client. So everything on AccountsCommon is on Accounts

Oh! That wouldn’t be a bad line for them to add to the docs, then. I wouldn’t draw that conclusion or assume it from the docs as they are.

I’m using Meteor daily for last 6 years. First time during prototyping on a new project I decided to user accounts-ui, to quickly implement login form. And found myself lost in documentation party available here and there… I can imagine how much it is confusing for someone who is doing first steps using Meteor.

Shall we consider updating Accounts docs?

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In case the docs are confusing, there is still the jsDoc comments in the packages source code: https://github.com/meteor/meteor/blob/devel/packages/accounts-base/accounts_common.js#L170

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