Where is .htaccess file present in ec2, Meteor app is running under docker container

I have installed Meteor app on ec2 server, ubuntu instance under docker container.

I want to enable compression on that server but i cant find .htaccess file.

Where is it located in instance.

If you guys have any other option to enable compression please let me know.

.htaccess is a configuration file for the Apache web server. Is that what your app is running on?

I am using ec2 instance and using docker container for meteor app .
Inside docker container, abernix/meteord:bas image install where meteor app is running.

Is it using nginx web server or something else?

Can you let me know in this config where I can find .htaccess file and update for compression.

I’m afraid meteor doesn’t work the way you think it does.
meteor is based on nodejs - there is no htaccess file or anything similar.

I deployed meteor app in ec2 using MUP, Mup only install docker inside ec2 instance.
Docker uses ngnix web server.

Simple, I want to enable the compression on that server.

@timfletcher Correct. Apache webserver uses .htaccess config file.
I am not sure about ngnix webser what config file is using.

correct me If I am wrong.