Where is meteor after deploying with mup?

Would I be able to run something like meteor reset if i ssh into my server? where is meteor located when deploying with mup?

It’s on the documentation: (https://github.com/arunoda/meteor-up#server-setup-details)

Server Setup Details

This is how Meteor Up will configure the server for you based on the given appName or using "meteor" as default appName. This information will help you customize the server for your needs.

your app lives at /opt/<appName>/app
mup uses upstart with a config file at /etc/init/<appName>.conf
you can start and stop the app with upstart: start <appName> and stop <appName>
logs are located at: /var/log/upstart/<appName>.log
MongoDB installed and bound to the local interface (cannot access from the outside)
the database is named <appName>

Yes but meteor doesnt seem to be located there. No commands are recognized.

Because it is a pure node js application after bundling

Is the log location changed in any recent versions?

I couldn’t find the log at /var/log/upstart/<appName>.log, though I am able to view the log by running mup logs -f from the source directory.