Where is my data?


I don’t quite understand how Mongo integrates with Meteor. When I develop a project and write my collections, where is that data being stored?

I’ve deployed my project to AWS using mupx but I never set up a MongoDB on Compose or Mongolab or anything like that. I just use methods to write to my collections and it just works.

I’m assuming this isn’t the proper way to do things in a production environment, can anyone clear the air for me on this subject? Specifically, is there something else I’m supposed to be doing aside from just creating a collection using var Collection = new Mongo.Collection; and then doing basic return Collection.insert(data); ?



If u specify in mupx config to setup database, than it would use database on your AWS.
you can connect to it by these commands on AWS instance

docker exec -it mongodb /bin/bash
show databases
use yourDatabase

during developing your db is in .meteor/local/db or something like that in your project folder
after deployment, mupx automatically config your deployed meteor instance to connect to AWS deployed mongo