Where is template atSignIn defined?


I downloaded a Meteor Starter project called MeteorAdmin.

This project is using meteor-usersaccounts package and there’s this code {{pathFor route='atSignIn'}} in one of the html files.

atSignIn is not defined anywhere, I suspect it being defines in useraccounts package but can’t find it, anyone has an idea?


Hi Kamel, although I couldn’t find any use of useraccounts within MeteorAdmin, I can tell you that route called atSingIn is created when you configure the sign in route for AccountsTemplates.

Lets have a look to the boilerplates and this line configuring the sign in route for the bootstrap-iron-routing example.

You can read some documentation about this on the useraccounts:iron-routing documentation. In case you prefer FR, head to useraccounts:flow-routing instead.