Where is the best place to put common code (used by client and server)?

The Meteor Guide doesn’t specify the best place to put shared code and I wondered how people are currently doing this.

I just put mine in /lib.

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/lib or /both
I prefer lib

As already mentioned, lib is the best place, since Meteor loads lib directory first. Not sure if that’s true for subfolders too (e.g. /client/lib, /server/lib and /both/lib)

When you are using Meteor 1.2 or lower, the code should be in /lib.

You can still put your shared code in /lib with Meteor 1.3 though that’s not the recommended way.

Preferred version is that you put your collections into /imports/api and export the collection so you can import the collection on the client and the server.

Check the todos application for an example: https://github.com/meteor/todos

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