Where is the meteor/factory package?


The Meteor Guide has a section on creating integration test data. In its code example is the line

import { Factory } from 'meteor/factory';

But this package is not listed in the packages directory of the meteor repo

So, where is the code at?


It’s currently a local package stored with the todos app. There was some discussion about pulling it out a while back, but that work was put on-hold. For the full backstory see:


Thanks. Is it possible for me to use it outside of the todos example app? Or should I just use the dburles:factory package instead?


dburles:factory and the factory package currently used by the todos app are a bit different (the linked to issue goes into the details further). @dburles was/is open to the idea of merging the work from the todos factory package into his package, if someone wants to jump in and make that happen.

In the meantime if you want to use the factory package from the todos app, you’ll need to either copy it into your own apps local packages directory and meteor add it, or create your own Atmosphere/Troposhpere based version of the factory package.