Where is the meteor love?


Solid point! I made this point in a post a while ago: that MDG was repositioning in the hope of getting acquired by Facebook, hence the official support of React, even when it seems obvious of Vue superiority.


Your hunch seems correct. After I externalized the <script> part of my Vue component to a separate .coffee file I can now not correctly set the breakpoints inside of it in Chrome Dev Tools.

Do you stick to manual debugger statements anyway to be able to put the breakpoints at the correct level of nesting and hence block scoping in the CoffeeScript code which is not possible by just choosing a line number in an IDE for those single CoffeeScript lines that exit multiple block scopes through multiple outdents?


I don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. If I have the code open in my editor, I’ll add a debugger statement. If in DevTools, I’ll set a breakpoint (if it lets me). I do whatever’s most convenient in the moment.

Are you going to patch vue-coffee?


Got it! Thanks!

Sorry but I am still waaaaayyyyy too closer to zero than to hero to try to fix any part of the quite overwhelming (to me) tech stack that I am currently still merely evaluating the viability/practicalilty:

  • Meteor + Astronomy + Vue-Meteor + Vue + Vue-Router + Vuex + Vue-SSR + Quasar + CoffeeScript + Pug + Stylus,
  • recent ES6 and CSS stuff to understand the docs and examples,
  • VSCode + Chrome Dev Tools to understand how to debug this whole enchilada,
  • Visual Studio Team Service + Git + Github to control versions and collaborate,
  • and I haven’t yet looked at the all important testing stuff (Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Chimp and God knows what else I will need to learn when I dive into it)
  • nor at cloud deployment (Galaxy? Node Chef?)
  • nor at mobile (Cordova) and desktop deployment (Electron)



There’s a hell of a lot of transpilation going on there!


Meteor is a very inclusive community :wink: