Where is the Meteor Milestones page? How do I know what MDG is working on now and has planned for the future?

As the name suggests.

How do I know what MDG is working on now and has planned for the future?

  1. the official blog
  2. the Transmission podcast
  3. the forums :wink:
  4. github issues
  5. Devshop videos

There’s always a trello board but it’s outdated.

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Hmm thanks.

I was thinking of something which essentially says - “here be upcoming goodies”.

Going through forums, etc, etc. I do find the same stuff. It is better I guess. I can see the thought process that goes into new stuff.

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I hope to be replacing the out of date Trello roadmap soon. Our old roadmap there was aspirational and I believe looked too far into the future. As a result, as priorities shifted it would quickly become out of date. I would like to move to a shorter range roadmap that is more accurate because it’s auto-generated from our development process somehow. Haven’t yet had time to figure out how this will work though, ideas from people with experience with this would be helpful.


You could use ‘stages’ that ECMA uses, see https://github.com/tc39/ecma262 for example.

Or, if we love sci-fi, something of a Kardashevian scale for what the future may look like for Meteor, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kardashev_scale.

Also, I think, looking too far into the future is a good thing. It can give people all sorts of ideas and you never know what may come of it or who may get hooked on some idea and get involved.

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This is what MDG used to do and it didn’t work out that well as the community couldn’t rely and plan around stuff that was actually coming. The forums have turned into the place where folks chat about aspirational ideas.

The new roadmap is live at: https://github.com/meteor/meteor/blob/devel/Roadmap.md . As you can see it’s currently quite succinct and reflects the main features we want to tackle over the coming months. Expect this to be updated as we learn.