Where is the mobile-config.js file


i am looking for the mobile-config.js file

the documentation reads:
Instead of having you modify Cordova’s config.xml file, Meteor reads a mobile-config.js file in the root of your app directory and uses the settings specified there to configure the generated project.

i have an app running at:

and the build is at:

there is no mobile-config.js file.
do i manually have to create it?
in the app folder or in the build folder?

any hints are highly appreciated, i am stuck.



You have to create mobile-config.js file yourself. You have to put it where your app code is, in the root directory of your project. In the documentation you have an example of what you can put in this file.


thank you for taking the time to write back!

my app lives in C:\Users\ma-ia\LongevityBasics
it includes 4 folders:
’.meteor’, ‘client’, ‘public’, ‘server’.
and thia is where it put it?

thx again,


Yes… in the root directory.