Where is the template for loginButtons? I'd like to customize dropdown

I’ve been able to use the {{> atForm}} for signup/login from useraccounts:unstyled

I’d like to use aldeed:template-extension to customize the{{> loginButtons}}. I currently have this {{> loginButtons}} up in the right-hand corner next to the avatar. It provides a dropdown with the standard “change password” & “logout” buttons. I’d like to change the style of the buttons and add a few more options inside that dropdown.

Now, I think I understand how to use aldeed’s package-- but I can’t find the template for loginButtons in useraccounts:unstyled and I need the template’s name to setup the template-extension package’s override. I don’t see the template in here:


Is the correct template name this one below? _loginButtonsLoggedInDropdown ?



did you find a solution ?

I can’t even remember what i ate for breakfast yesterday


hhhhh ok, thank you any way :stuck_out_tongue: