Where should I deploy my app?

I know this has probably been mentioned before hand however I keep hearing mixed opinions on what is the best PAAS to use for deploying a meteor website? I don’t want to have to deal with server infrastructure, I’d just like to launch my website as easy as possible. It seems so hard to actually setup an environment to deploy a Meteor app for production purposes.

I’ve came from the LAMP stack and have never really had an issue picking a cloud service to launch a Wordpress website on because it is so easy, I’m used to the ease of cPanel and tools like that.

Node.js seems like a complete pain to deploy though as I don’t know what service I should use.

Thanks, Nick

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I’ve had a really easy time with Arunoda’s MUP, and Digital Ocean. It takes a little bit of configuration, but nothing you can’t be guided through.

I think the easiest solution for you would be a galaxy developer plan. It’s going to be a thing soon (AFAIK) but you can sign up and hope to get one :smile: good luck!


I’ll recommend to you NodeChef. The most complete PaaS for deploying your meteor apps.

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I recently started using Digital Ocean and deploy using MUP. I havent worked out how to manage the MongoDB on it yet. But it is working.

I didnt use Galaxy because it is too expensive.

I recently switched to Scalingo and the deploy was a total breeze (literally 2 minutes). Their staff also seems to be super nice and helpful.

I use Mupx, Digital Ocean and Compose.io.

It’s pretty simple, once you have a digital ocean droplet, you feed the login details to mupx and it sets up the box for you. I use compose.io for the mongo database. Much easier to deal with it and do backups etc.

You pay $18 a month for compose?

Mupx and Digital Ocean. 5$ for DO per month. In my case, DO works well, considering I’m killing multiple birds with one stone. Running Meteor, Django and Wordpress all in one droplet.

Do you know a better and cheaper alternative for a hosted MongoDB?

No. I havent worked out a cheap way to manage the db online. Trying ot do it from my computer.

Do you combine meteor and wordpress?

Combine as in? Db? If db, nope. WordPress uses MySQL and Meteor uses Mongo. All running in their separate instances.

But if you’re referring to Meteor and WordPress running on same droplet serving requests to same IP address, using suvdomains, then yes.

so you have made a website that is part wp and meteor? thats on my to do list.

Yes, it is possible.

I have one droplet with 2 meteor apps + one php app (3 subdomains). No issues

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Nope. That’s not what I meant.
I’m running a blog site using WordPress on a subdomain
Then another app uses Meteor
Then another one is Django

I just used MUP to get a site on digital ocean, only issue i had was switching React runtime to 0.14.3. Pretty awesome for $5/m hosting a node/meteor site. Although uploading to Meteor’s developer plan would be ideal

I use Modulus and Compose.

yep. It’s good, and you can host multiple databases.

If you are playing around with meteor and don’t want to spend any cash, then yeah, just host it yourself. But if you are trying to do this as a career, or trying to launch a product. Pay. It’s not too much, and means you don’t have to worry so much about mongo or losing your data.