Where should I go next?


Hi everyone! I’ve finished the simple todos tutorial with react. I want to continue learning Meteor 1.4 + React but don’t know where to continue. I’m reading the guide (which is key), but I feel I’m missing the part where I learn by doing.

Which tutorial/resource would you suggest to continue my journey? I’m interested in Meteor 1.4 and react.



Hi @germanliu,

Luckily there are a couple of great resources out there for learning meteor!
I personally would recommend LevelUpTuts who has a great free series on Meteor + React and also a new series on Meteor 1.4 which is only 20 bucks. DevCoffee on youtube also has a small series on Meteor + React.

Discover Meteor is another great option but doesn’t cover React. This book however is not free.

Hope this gives you a good start of where to look and start learning.
Wish you all the best! :slight_smile:


www.meteor-tuts.com :smiley: