Where the heck is Galaxy?!

Maybe I’m just not that bright, I’m I can’t see where or how you log in to the Galaxy control panel or whatever it happens to be called.

Just about any thing I seach for links me to the signup or pricing page.

When I try to sign up, it tells me I already have, but nowhere to log in and start using it.

Down the very bottom of the main Galaxy page on Meteor.com there’s a ‘Deploy to Galaxy’ button:

but all it does is link to the pricing page.

Maybe MDG have scaling problems, and are actively trying to keep users away! :smile:


You can login at galaxy.meteor.com to gain access to the web UI of Galaxy. Also, please check your inbox; you should have received a “Welcome to Galaxy” email with addt’l instructions on how to get setup for your first Galaxy deploy.

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Nope, no email received (checked spam), but I was able to log in at the URL above.

I meant to add that in the title of one of the blog posts I came across while looking for the galaxy far far away, it mentioned meteorapp.com, but the base domain has no content, and http://www.meteorapp.com just says ‘lol’.

Probably want to fix that, and perhaps add galaxy.meteor.com to the galaxy faq, and maybe update all the login, landing and sales pages to make it easier to find.

Oh, and fix your email. :slight_smile:

After you login, there’s a link to resend the email.

Yeah, I had the same problem, couldn’t find galaxy from meteor.com, had to go to the forums, find someone’s reply to galaxy to work out it was galaxy.meteor.com, thought I was the only stupid one…

this was extremely frustrating

I had the same problem. I just went through my browser history and saved the link to my bookmarks.