Where to deploy

Is there any place I can deploy my app for free? With mongodb?

For free? localhost :wink:

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You mean I have to go back to PHP?

Really? Nothing is truly free. Not Node hosting, not MongoDB hosting. Not PHP + MySQL hosting.

You get what you pay for.

I’d say for commercial, production deployments with SSL cert and custom domain will always cost, regardless of the tech stack. For open source non-profit apps you might be able to find a host that offers free or discounted rates.

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Most hosting services provide PHP+MySQL without extra cost and most of them don’t even have mongodb support.

But you still generally pay for that hosting.

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That basic hosting is quite cheap anyway. If you want to host meteor app, it’s very expensive.

AWS have 1-year free hosting for EC2. You will have to do your own devops though


We seem to be talking in circles. You asked for free, not cheap. Free is absolute. Cheap is relative. If you want cheap, irrespective of tech stack (say PHP + MySQL vs Node + MongoDB) there’s nothing stopping you from commissioning your own cheap VPS and installing and configuring whatever you need, if you’re prepared to spend the time managing your server yourself.


You might consider using Meteor Up to deploy both the Meteor app and MongoDB database to a Digital Ocean droplet. A basic droplet costs $5/month, but when you sign up, you get $100 credit for the first 60 days. So, it’s “free” for the first two months, $5/month thereafter.

I don’t know of any cheaper alternative other than self-hosting.


Thank you, Philip. I’ll give it a try. I’m currently using heroku which no longer supports mongo. It was free with heroku before.

Atlas has a free forever tier for test/hobby projects and you cam MUP (Meteor Up) into AWS at 0 costs for 1 year.



PHP+MySQL is much cheaper to host because these technologies exists much longer, there are much more experts in the workforce market that can handle these technologies.

Managing a multi instance Apache+php+MySql setup in a cloud infrastructure is the defacto beginners topic for administrators.

This is why this is so cheap and some providers can provide it as “freemium” service (additionally to their main paid services). If your sole requirement is cheap hosting then you may switch back to php+MySql.

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Deploying to a bare linux server is pretty easy with http://meteor-up.com/ so the cost is down to simply rent a server, no ? That’s start at 5$ a month.


What about Heroku with a meteor build pack? it sets up pretty easily and connecting atlas free tier will give you an app for zero money per month.

Like so: https://medium.com/@leonardykris/how-to-run-a-meteor-js-application-on-heroku-in-10-steps-7aceb12de234 just with Atlas instead of mLab.


Thank you. I’m using the heroku, but they’ll discontinue the mlab service, which makes me realize it’s not stable.

Well, that’s the price of free deployment. of course you can always use Atlas, and then that mLab issue is kinda resolved… But if you want real stability you gotta pay. Me personally, I use Heroku just to show off a portfolio. Nothing major that actually has users and such. A production level of deployment should be looked at elsewhere, and that’s always gonna cost you. A single droplet in Digital Ocean though is just 5$/month so this could be another solution…

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I’ve just published a module for my students on how to deploy meteor to digital ocean with MUP. The various readings cover:

  • Setting up DO and initial deploy using MUP
  • Inspecting the deployed database using Robo3T.
  • Application performance monitoring with Monti APM
  • Buying a domain name and setting up HTTPS

See it here: http://courses.ics.hawaii.edu/ics314f20/modules/deployment/


Thank you. This is really helpful. I’ll check it out.