Where to find Meteor buddy / freelancers / advisors

Hello all,
I am fairly new to Meteor, but I love it. I come from a PHP CodeIgniter / Laravel background and working with a JS framework like Meteor is very refreshing. I work for a small start-up in Singapore where I am developing with Meteor. I am looking for somebody who I can discuss Meteor stuff with. Since I am so fresh with Meteor I have to Google a lot when figuring out the best practise. I would like to have somebody available who I can share our project with and ask (stupid) questions on how to do things. Sometimes I spend hours on figuring out a simple thing that took a novice maybe 10 min.

Would anybody be available, for a small compensation, or know the best place to look?


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IRC was always a best friend of developers. You’re welcome to join us at #meteor on freenode.net server.

http://www.weworkmeteor.com/profiles :wink: