Where to find other Meteor devs for project collabs?


Just have a recent project I started building, and was thinking about how It would progress much faster with another dev working on it.

Anyone know any good spots to find other Meteor devs? I usually use reddit but im sure theres more. Or maybe this forum is just the best place haha.

Its a video game related web app, so if anyone here is interested in that stuff lemme know.


@orbyt Hello,
Would you mind having an intern for the project? im new to meteor(about a month) but have been looking into a little react.
shall be able to give quite a bit of time to the project if you are open to moving in that direction.


If you at least know basic Meteor/Node I dont see an issue. Do you have a github?


@orbyt Here’s my github account: https://github.com/ProblemChild935, not much of any brillance on it yet, but hopefully we can make that happen in the future.