Where to find previous versions of the Windows Meteor installer?

I have a need to downgrade my meteor install, the entire install not just a single project.

Where can I find previous versions of the Windows Meteor installer? I thought they’d be easy to find but apparently not.

Do you need an old version of Meteor, or just the ability to build at an older version?

If it’s the latter you could:

>meteor --version
>meteor update --release 1.2.1      (this installs the 1.2.1 build tool)
Installed. Run 'meteor update --release 1.2.1' inside of a particular project directory to update that project to
Meteor 1.2.1.
>meteor --release 1.2.1 create testapp
Created a new Meteor app in 'testapp'.

To run your new app:
  cd testapp

If you are new to Meteor, try some of the learning resources here:
>cd testapp
>meteor --version
Meteor 1.2.1

Yeah i actually need to run an old version of meteor, not just run a project on an old version.

Okay, but meteor --release 1.2.1 does actually run the 1.2.1 meteor tool.

The problem is my current install of meteor is broken so meteor --release 1.2.1 won’t even run. I found solutions to the error I’m receiving but none work and I really just need to get meteor running again and an old version would be fine.

For anyone else looking to downgrade meteor on windows, I just found the URL for previous meteor releases:

Just change the version number, I did however find that some version that are listed on github don’t have windows builds uploaded.