Where to find remote meteor job?

it seems most freelance job is about php wordpress

I think you found a great place to advertise your skills. Why don’t you go ahead and tell us.

Otherwise there We work Meteor

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First create a few repos or packages to demo your meteor skills to the world. Ask friends to star it and fork it etc so it’s active. Then write an awesome resume up and go to weworkremotely.com you will see loads of jobs being listed. Take any javascript job and you’ll have money, with some experience you can then meet a partner to do an app with. Look for VCs or CVCs that want rapid prototyping and need results today - meteor is perfect for that.

Otherwise what you can do is create a popular npm package or opensource tool and you will get jobs very easily with that

The freelance jobs for php and wordpress are just the crap that floats to the top. Pays terrible and bad clients. You must be able to walk the walk and talk the talk to land the job working for a VC or investors.

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You can try upwork. I’ve been using it for a while. There’re not too many jobs like general Node.js based ones but enough to go around. Give it a try!

Also, maybe this.

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How do you find upwork? I tried it years ago and it was really bad like $5 work and tonnes of indians all eager to do it so I was like nope

It’s all about demand and supply, Meteor is kinda niche and there’re not lots of good developers so it pays alright.

I never saw a meteor job, I guess times change. Can you make good money like $10k easily on there?

I never saw a meteor job, I guess times change

Let me assert, there are not many so you need to check constantly to find any.

Can you make good money like $10k easily on there?

$10k? in what time? I’ve only been there for a couple of month and jobs pay around ~$30 per hour.
I’ve actually seen some people here from the forums who make much more so you also need to factor in your experience/reputation.

Learn Shopify you will make $100 to $300 an hour for doing very little.


Have you worked with VCs or investors? If so, were some of the projects Meteor-based?