Where to host a package for later publication?

I have a few ideas for some packages which I’m kicking up and down the street. I was wondering if there are any best practices as regards hosting the source code:

I have the alternative (prior to publication on Atmosphere) of keeping the package on GitHub or BitBucket; are there any special reasons to choose one over the other? If I had the package on BitBucket, would that cause problems when I get around to publishing it on Atmosphere?

I’m new at the packaging thing, and didn’t find any good recommendations via Google, hence this post…

Have a great weekend all,


When you publish your package and specify a Git URL in your package.js, Atmosphere will show a link to the GitHub repository on it’s page - otherwise there’s no repositories involved so technically it doesn’t really matter where it’s hosted.

Most, if not all, public packages are hosted on GitHub though, so familiarity with the service is one reason.