Where to host meteor app?


Meteor deployment is always kind of a sore topic, deployment is notably more difficult than expected.

From what I’ve seen, Galaxy is by far the easiest way to deploy and the project management experience is sweet. Since Galaxy is made for Meteor, the support and ease is kinda expected. However, it can be pricey.

Heroku was mentioned here but I would like to go into a little but more detail. There is some setup that you need to do, but once the initial deploy is ready is should be fairly simple. There are two ways to deal with your DB in Heroku, host is there or add a link for an external DB. Heroku is free up to a point. If on the free tier, the app will not be awake all the time and initial loads take a long time if the app was asleep.

Step by step tutorial for deploying to Heroku here

Well, it is certainly easier to deploy a Node+Express application, but developing in Meteor is way sweeter (in my opinion) and takes care of all the parts of the app. Node+Express means you still have to build a front end, while Meteor is overkill if you don’t use all its parts.

Good luck on your search!


Did anyone mentioned Xervo (previously Modulus)?
I host a super simple app rymujto.pl there with db. For about 15$ monthly it can handle up to 10k visitors monthly. Deployment is just one command in terminal.


Maybe it’s bit too late for xervo) https://my.xervo.io/shutdown
Thanks for all answers.
Now I’m testing AWS + mLab. start for free and expand later)


Hah, good to know this, I somehow skipped this news. I’m lucky to hear it before they dumped all my database.


What about NodeChef?


I totally agree. If you have the sysadmin knowledge and are willing to put in the effort, DO is a fantastic platform. I recommend to run your app in docker containers. You can easily add a Mongo container and all the other services you may need. The possibilities are endless. For instance you can run your own Gogs git server and a CI like Drone. And you can run multiple Meteor Apps and other non Meteor Apps on the same server at the same cost and easy to scale upwards if needed.


I’m using pm2-meteor on a OVH ~3€/m VPS and it’s ok :slight_smile: https://www.npmjs.com/package/pm2-meteor


I loved Modulus/Xervo but unfortunately they’re shutting down. Which is a HUGE upset because IMO they were the best option for hosting Meteor apps next to galaxy.

Now, I use DO or Heroku.


I successfully migrated from Xervo to Nodechef, just couple hours of work. So far the app works faster than on Xervo, which was laggy sometimes.


i am using Scalingo and i am very pleased with that. They have easy CLI to push deployments and advanced admin panel to do things. Scaling app is also simple. Pricing starts with 0.01€/hr



Hi guys, I don’t know why you are struggling with deployments these days. I use Zeit’s now service since Xervo (modulus) announced that is shutting down and I’am very happy with it.

With Zeit’s now service + Mlab you can host your apps for Free.

When you wanna get to production, you can deploy all you apps for only $14/month, either if you are hosting one app, or a thousand apps, 14 dollars/month, no more, no less, no ram and containers limits, you apps just autoscales automatically. They don’t have the nonsense pricing of usage per container per hour like scalingo and galaxy, and that’s freaking awesome.

Summing up, I think that Today, paying $14 for Zeit and $15 for Mlab ($30 per month) you can host all your apps without both scalability and financial problems.


I’m using Galaxy with Compose since the beginning, and I very happy.
Yes it’s more expensive than others, but it’s working very well.
Compose is a very good provider too. They have a very efficient support.

I would like to find a less expensive host for my personal projects or development projects, but for profesional client app, I think I will stay in Galaxy.


You will need to setup a service to ping your apps because they’ll fall asleep otherwise.

I will continue to use galaxy + mlab ($45ish) for client apps because I have never had a problem with them and it feels safer. But not many people want to shell out that money for example apps/person apps, so for my own play apps I throw those up on zeit.

It would be nice if galaxy added a “nearly free” option that includes near-zero customer support and apps expecting little to no traffic. If they could somehow work it out so they (MDG) break even, it might make business sense-- just for the sake of keeping/attracting people into their ecosystem. Right now the pricing is just enough to push people out of it (again, for non-production production apps).


You will need to setup a service to ping your apps because they’ll fall asleep otherwise.

What do you mean they will fall asleep? They become IDLE by default? Even if I’m paying for the service?


Yeah from what I’m seeing, even if you are paying, they will go idle. You need to setup a pinging service I guess. It’s a huge pain in the ass so I hope zeit builds something in sooner than later.


Can confirm that you can configure apps to stay awake - I was having issues with chatbot endpoints falling asleep (non-Meteor).

Just run the command:

now scale <url of your deployment> 1 


I’ve been using NodeChef without fail for years now. Zero issues.