Where to host meteor app?


Is there a way to easy host meteor?
Galaxy - needs a separate mongo hosting. I don’t get this idea. It’s rather expensive and all ‘zero devops’ turns in devops for db integration and learning galaxy.
DO - you must go from distro and pay, to run meteor app from 10 users.
aws - cheap, distro, too much config, aws micro is something.
heroku, firebase - no meteor) node is ok.
So is it easier to develop and host in pure node? Because there are nice ways to host free node+express app)
or there is still good option for meteor?


I think Galaxy is the way to go. I use Galaxy :heart_eyes: to host a couple of apps and mLab :heart_eyes: for my DBs. Galaxy :heart_eyes: just works, and for less $$$, compare to doing all the devops yourself - saves time. Just use it.


Why did you prefer mLab, not compose.io?
I’ll have to select too, but I have no idea, which one…


Thank you.
I’ve checked galaxy prices now, and for me it’s way too much. Adding db hosting, will result in 50$ month with zero activity. And with some users it’s like 300$. I don’t have such income from my apps) And for AdSense monetization i don’t see profitable user amount to cover such expenses.


I use mLab and have nothing to compare it to either. It works great along with Galaxy.


So there is 2 year old answer The state of Meteor deployment is very unfriendly. Is it wrong of me to think that?


Hi @e2h3 im not sure if we taling about the same but i just get a host in OVH and yu can get a VPS with 2GB of RAM and 10GB of disk in Europe about 3,62€ TAX included. I just follow the next tutorial to use passenger as application server with NGINX to do the deployment and install mongodb in the same server, i did it just to run the beta version od my app, but im sure its a matter of scale VPS to create a rpoduction ready pool.



I’ve used both. MLab is cheaper so I tend to use them (free or $15/month). I didn’t see any reason to use compose in my case… the UI is a little prettier.


maybe check meteor-now that uses ZEIT? I’m trying it out now. That would be free or $15/month for custom domains… I think you can deploy multiple apps under the $15/month plan. Then you’re looking at maybe $30/month for DB + Hosting. And you may be able to deploy multiple apps for $15/month, so if you can fit 3 apps in that tier, it’s $5/month per app plus $15 for each DB.

Or $30/month for galaxy + free Mlab. Or $30/month for galaxy + $15/month MLab?

I agree that galaxy is on the verge of too expensive if you’re just hosting some example apps or portfolio apps. MDG probably figured they don’t want to compete with Amazon in the poor people market. I commend them for not chasing pennies around.


mLabs free tier is very slow. The $15 per month is a must for anything production.


I’ve tried ZEIT early days, and it was to raw). Will try again soon. So options are clear. Going to test them)


Thanks! Interesting approach. Going to try)


mLab is way cheaper compare to compose.io, ease of use, and it really works well with Galaxy. Setting up Oplog was also very easy.


I read several people complaining about and this and I don’t get what is the issue. From my perspective it’s a URL to a remote MongoDB so there is really nothing to configure from Meteor app perspective. And furthermore this deployment model provide flexibility and decoupling of your app server from your database server so you’re not dependent on one platform and you have the extra flexibility of where to host your data.

So what exactly is the ’ devops for db integration’? am I missing something there?!


Thank you. I have to try (-:


heroku does host meteor apps you just use the buildpack


I guess it depends how much data and traffic you have… and if it’s production production or just production.


I thought the same thing. It can be intimidating I guess if you haven’t set it up before. Otherwise I can get an MLab url and paste it into my settings in under 4 minutes… I would blush if somebody told me that makes me a devops ninja.


When I was testing out my app on the free tier (with zero users), it was much slower than when I launched with the $15 basic package. And that was with a ton of traffic.


DO - you must go from distro and pay, to run meteor app from 10 users.

I still think DO is the cheapest option on this list, although it does require some setup. However you can get much more power and processing capability then you would get on Galaxy for a fraction of the cost. Zodern’s continuation of the mup repo on GitHub [0] is a great tool for automating this.

If you have sysadmin knowledge, you can also host your own mongo cluster there for very cheap, but that’s more complex then just setting up the app.

Also when it comes to uptime and SLAs on galaxy, I think there is cause for some concern [1]. Perhaps this has changed in the past months but I wouldn’t be able to speak to that

[0] https://github.com/zodern/meteor-up
[1] Galaxy Uptime SLA?