Where to learn REACT completely for Free?


I found https://reactforbeginners.com is the best place to learn but it’s price is impossible for me to pay cuz I’m a student and 1$ ~ 20k VND, lol.
So, any advices on where I can learn REACT? Thank you.


If you’ve worked with JQuery before I’d recommend you start off by reading through this: http://reactfordesigners.com/labs/reactjs-introduction-for-people-who-know-just-enough-jquery-to-get-by/

It won’t teach you all of React but it was the first thing I read that actually helped me understand the basics of how components work.

Then checkout YouTube for more, e.g: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhkGQAoc7bc&list=PLoYCgNOIyGABj2GQSlDRjgvXtqfDxKm5b (you don’t need to worry about the Webpack stuff if you’re using Meteor’s react package).


You should also take a look at if you’re unsure of JSX and ES2015 and how those work http://jamesknelson.com/learn-raw-react-no-jsx-flux-es6-webpack/

And Facebook’s short tutorial is a good start https://facebook.github.io/react/docs/tutorial.html


Not sure why you think RFB would be ‘the best’ - except at marketing (not trolling - its a quality course)
The ‘best’ is the program that gets you to your immediate learning/development goals, whatever they may be:

Try also:


good luck


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I did a four part course on tutsplus that is free - go through the react articles here http://tutsplus.com/authors/tom-whitbread


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