Where to publish? Atmosphere vs NPM

From now on, where is the best place to publish meteor compatible packages?

The last messages from MDG seem to say that Atmosphere will be deprecated, or converted into an filtered version of NPM, or maybe a hybrid.

On my personal opinion, I would start publishing everything to NPM, but is it possible to add dependencies to Meteor Packages on NPM packages?

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I would publish to NPM and not depend on Meteor packages. Then anybody in the JavaScript community can take advantage of your work. There’s a big wide world of JavaScript developers outside of Meteor.

Agree, but there are also really good packages in Atmosphere, e.g. Astronomy. That you can build on top off.

Check this out: http://guide.meteor.com/writing-packages.html#npm-vs-atmosphere

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This is also my take on it. No, you can’t depend on meteor packages via NPM. But you can do something like @timbrandin and try to reference the package you want to use like so: https://github.com/studiointeract/tracker-component/blob/master/lib/index.jsx#L2-L4


Thanks for the link.

I’m going to attempt to port all of my local atmosphere packages to npm using this technique.

No point waiting for 1.4. Unless someone can think of a reason to?

I think 1.4 will make this stuff much easier, but if you want to do it now go for it!

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